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learn in a familiar place

The lessons take place online, so you decide what your best place to study is.

Professional teachers

We only work with certified, professional teachers. Only in this way can we ensure that your Dutch will be improved.

Small groups

We keep the groups small, so that there is a lot of individual attention for each student.

varied working methods

We use different materials and teaching methods to make the lessons attractive and entertaining. Learning Dutch is fun!

Choose the perfect Dutch course

The Beginner Basic, Beginner Plus, Intermediate and Advanced courses cover all skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing).
A course consists of 13 lessons of 2 hours. One lesson takes place every week. You also practice at home with additional online material. With a minimum of 80% participation, you will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the course.

The Conversation Practice course consists of 10 lessons of one hour and a half.
The groups are between 4-8 persons.


Are you unsure about your level? Then do not hesitate to contact us.

After you have registered yourself for a course, you can no longer switch groups in between.

Beginner Basic


After taking this course you will be able:

Start data

  • Beginner Basic Evening courses
    Wednesday 19.00-21.00 | Course fee: 339,- 
    Start: 1 September 2021 <FULL>
  • Beginner Basic Day courses
    Friday 10.00-12.00 | Course fee: 339,-
    3 September 2021 <CANCELLED>

Beginner Plus


After taking this course you will be able:

Start data

  • Beginner Plus Evening courses
    Tuesday 19.00-21.00 | Course fee: 339,-
    Start: 31 August 2021 <CANCELLED>
  • Beginner Plus Day courses
    Friday 13.00-15.00 | Course fee: 339,-
    3 September 2021 <FULL>



After taking this course you will be able:

Start data

  • Intermediate Evening courses
    Thursday 19.00-21.00 | Course fee: 339,-
    Start: 2 September 2021 <FULL>

Intermediate Plus


After taking this course you will be able:

Start data

  • Intermediate Plus Evening courses
    Friday 19.00-21.00 | Course fee: 339,-
    Start: 3 September 2021 <FULL>

Conversation practice


The course covers the following components:

The minimum level required for participation is A2

Start data

Conversation Practice courses
Monday 19.00-20.30 | Course fee: 250,-
Start: 30 August 2021 <CANCELLED>

Frequently asked questions

For the Beginner Basic and Beginner Plus courses we use the method ‘Van Start’.
For the Intermediate course we use the method ‘De Sprong’ and for the intermadiate Plus course we use ‘De Finale’.
This series of methods is for middle to higher educated people. It is a communicative total method with mostly ‘the use of language in everyday life’. The method is partly Socratic in design; the language learner learns to uncover the structures of Dutch. But the basic rules of grammar are taught explicitly.

During the lesson there will be practised reading, speaking, listening and writing. We will use video’s, online reading material, writing exercises, conversations, quizzes, games and audio-material. This will be with the whole group, and in pairs, and individual. Homework will mainly be online studymaterial and will be during the course be more specific to each person. We think it is important that the lessons are interesting and fun. We attach great importance to the feeling of safety for the students.

No, there are only a few place in the Netherlands where you can sign up for an NT2-exam. But if you joined the whole course for at least 80%, you will receive a certificate from our company (www.taal-id.nl).

We believe that the more you are immersed in the Dutch language, the faster the learning process will go. Despite this fact, the explanation of assignments and grammar will often be in English at first. The teacher always checks whether the exercise is clear to every student. If necessary, it is explained extra in English. As the course progresses, more and more will be explained in Dutch.

The costs for the course consist of the lesson hours and the study book. The amount stated with the course do include the study book. After payment you will receive the book at your home. The hourly rate of the lessons is less than 11.50 euros.

our participants say

"I learned so much with this Dutch course. It was fun to participate every time. The teacher really takes the time to explain everything well. I have become more confident in using the Dutch language."
Krisztina Kowalski
April 2020
"Together with my friend I participated in the basic Dutch course. In addition to learning a lot, we also laughed a lot. The teacher provided a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It was nice to have lessons in a small group. It felt familiar very quickly, so I dared to speak more of myself. After the summer I will definitely start with the follow-up course!"
jenny krauss
June 2019
"I was unsure about my speaking skills. After following this course in a small group, I dare to speak to people in Dutch. I recommend Taal-ID to anyone if you just need that push to dare to speak.'
Matias Stone
February 2020
"What I liked about this course is that there was also attention for the culture. Not only Dutch culture, but also ours. Learned a lot from it. Highly recommended!"
ahmed khan
December 2019